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Wild Flower Swimwear

Wild Flower Sun Hat

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 The perfect sun hat for those sun filled days by the water.  With a wide brim, black hat band and matching long fabric ties to keep your hat from blowing away with the breeze.  


These hats are made by hand using natural fibers that need some care…

  • Do not pinch the crown or it will start cracking over time, preferably handle it by the brims and gently using both hands.
  • Keep it away from the rain, the natural fibers are not waterproof. Still, if you see or feel the fibers a bit dry they will need some humidity, use a little bit of steam if this happens.
  • To clean it, use a soft brush or a moist piece of cloth for stains.
  • We do not recommend rolling up the hats because it has been blocked and shaped already.