I’m a true believer that things happen for a reason and everything happens in its own time.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved watching new swimwear lines emerge, season after season. Of course, I’ve always felt a pull to the ocean, but swimwear was my main passion that made me fall in love with the salty air and the warm sun.

I knew I wanted to begin Wild Flower long before I ever dove in, but after realizing how expensive a swimwear line could be, I decided I needed another way to fund the venture. A few years ago, I launched The Southern Loom, my vintage rug company, in order to fund Wild Flower. It didn’t take long for The Southern Loom to become what it is today and be featured in multiple editorial publications and, in turn, assist me in funding Wild Flower.

Although I’ve always loved swimwear for personal reasons, I’ve had the dream of curating my own swim line for a long time, too. I was never able to find exactly what I wanted. Since I tend to gravitate towards classic styles and timeless designs and colors, I’ve always found the current designs to feel somewhat trendy.

I’ve never been a fan of designs that tend to go out of style quickly; I’d rather have a curated collection I can wear season after season and still feel timelessly classic.

Wild Flower began as a way to document that life-long love of swimwear. Created with you in mind, I truly wanted a line that could fit many body types while embodying a classic, timeless, sexy beach look that fit well and had the highest of quality for long-lasting pieces.

Wild Flower is proudly manufactured entirely in the United States of America. We value quality and locally sourced materials with long-lasting qualities.

As a mother of three from Texas, I pride myself in staying true to my community and supporting locally whenever possible. We’re extremely proud to have the opportunity to entirely manufacture every fabric we use to create Wild Flower in the beautiful US of A and so grateful to have you here.