Allow me to introduce myself and Wild Flower Swimwear

Allow me to introduce myself and Wild Flower Swimwear



Hello and welcome! I am so glad you’re here. My name is Laura Branson, and I am the founder of Wild Flower Swimwear, an Austin-based swimwear brand that has been over a decade in the making.  We officially launched in March 2020 and have so much to be excited about.

Despite all the wonderful other things in my life (three kids and another business I own and operate, @TheSouthernLoom), my passion has been and remains swimwear and fashion.  Wild Flower Swimwear is founded on the vision of making timeless, high-quality and beautiful swimsuits that fit a variety of body types and activities - from paddle boarding Lady Bird Lake or lounging poolside at a resort pool cabana in the tropics.  Our suits should engender the feeling of beauty, elegance and confidence in all that put them on. Classic silhouettes and retro styles inspired by a a simpler time but with a modern twist. 

Every piece in the collection is named after one of the ubiquitous wildflowers that bloom throughout my beautiful home state of Texas. One thing that is hard to miss here is the natural beauty that surrounds us and the wildflowers that adorn our roads and trails reflect the carefree and effortless beauty that you should feel when you wear my suits.  I want you to slow down and smell the flowers - live your life with intention and an appreciation of simple things.  After all, what is sexier than that?

Everything in my collection is 100% designed by me and made in the USA.  We will continue to offer classic colors and prints intended to cover a wide range of tastes while staying true to a timeless feel. We don't do trends. Our first collection brought the feel of classic swimwear back to the market, featuring colors such as pink, navy, and prints such as stripes and polka dots. 

Even as this brand continues to grow and evolve we promise to never stray from our core inspirations.  Making you feel confident and beautiful - thats what this brand is all about. We promise to always make suits with you in mind, and make products that fit all body types. We have so much in store and we’re so glad you are along for the ride!

All the love,





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